Kahaani actress turns director

Priya Wal, who plays Aditi in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, believes that she is more of an off screen person than on screen. Priya has turned director for a documentary. An excited Priya informs, “This story is about two boys and two girls. The young girls think they will date a macho man but end up having a relationship with next door, goofy kind of guy. It is only of six minutes. I have written, directed, am acting in it and have also produced it. Apart from me my friends are also there in the movie.”She adds, “The film is going to premiere on September 28 at Shamiana Film Club, Andheri at 6 pm. I will attend that. Of course the premiere is not like a multiplex one. These are the same people who used to have Mocha club. They encourage short filmmakers so they are going to show it wherever they go like Pune, Kolkata and all. I have always been on the creative side, I have written a full fledged script which I will make into a movie in some time.”

About Kaahani, she says, “We are shooting for a scene where the four of us get together and are on a mission to save Parvati. We are re-entering the show. Parvati mummy was never in this situation before so she needs someone to rescue her. How the four of us who do not know each other get together. How our personality clashes, is how the story will move forward.”

Talking about her personal track, she says, “For me, Aditi is definitely going to be very different than what she has been in the show. Earlier she came back looking for her mother. She has that feeling that her mother is not accepting her. That was the whole vulnerable, emotional stage. But now she has accepted that Parvati is not her mother. She has become strong and has a very different outlook to her life. Her character has grown a lot and is going to be completely unlike her prior cry baby image.”

Priya, a Remix girl, has travelled all across India and is now looking forward to have holidays in Europe. She also informs that she will not be seen on the big screen at all and would prefer directing.

Report y:Sonali Joshi

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