Is success getting to Sara Khan?

Sara Khan, who plays Sadhana in Bidaai, is becoming quite selective after her highly successful character. Sara shot to fame with this show, her debut.While reminiscing about her old days she said she was not expecting all this fame and that it came as a surprise to her. But when we saw her on own birthday party she came late without even following the theme she had selected for her party. During the entire party, Sara was busy with the young generation and her beau Ali Merchant. Then, at the success party of the show, she was quite selective while talking to her co-stars. We could hardly see her interacting with anyone except 4-5 of them.

Earlier, Sara was exactly like her on screen character – calm and friendly with everyone, but she has definitely changed. Even when Parul was interacting with the media and the others, she came in between, took her away and gave a tough time to people who were clicking her pictures.

So is this the effect of fame or is she just too smitten by her love Ali Merchant to think of anything else

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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