Gifts galore for Sara Khan on birthday

Sara Khan celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, August 5. Despite being busy with shooting, Sara had a bash with her beau Ali Merchant in the night. Since, she was busy shopping for her big day when we called her up, Ali gave us details.
Says Ali, “We wanted to spend time together but she was shooting and I too had to shoot for my new show. But we managed to pack up early. Then she went for shopping and I also got a chance to prepare for the bash.”
When asked about what he gifted her, he replies, “This entire week we celebrated as her birthday week. Everyday I am gifting her something or the other. She gifted herself a Wagon R and I presented her with Swift. Sara calls this car an “Archies Gallery” since the car has lots of soft toys, teddy bears and dolls. I have also given her a diamond necklace, a diamond bracelet, a watch and a locket with S inscribed on it which she wears all the time because her on screen name also starts with the same letter (Sadhna). On her birthday I ordered a huge doll shaped cake which is of her favourite chocolate ruffles flavour.”

He adds, “Everyday at whatever time she used to pack up she immediately used to rush to meet me and was dying to know what I would be gifting her that day. For the bash too we discussed lots of things and then decided the dress code – pink blue and white – since pink is her favourite colour and white mine. But we thought then we would look like Mithun and Govinda, so we finalized blue.”

Sara is currently seen only in Bidaai. Here’s wishing her a very Happy Birthday!

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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