Ekta to sue actresses

Yesterday Sara Khan (Sadhana) and Parul Chauhan (Ragini), the lead actresses of Sapna Baabul Ka – Bidaai, had told us how Ekta Kapoor had tried to woo them both with offers of new shows but they had turned her down. They also claimed that Ekta had invited them personally to a party she had thrown last weekend. Well, now the two girls will be sued by Ekta Kapoor, who says that the girls’ claim is a blatant lie. She is now in the process of sending them a legal notice for using her name to promote themselves and their show.Says a livid Ekta, “I am shocked that someone could have this kind of imagination. In the last 16 years of my career in this industry, I have seen all kinds of games around me but this takes the cake. As far as Kyunki… going off air is concerned, let me tell you that I have just signed a fresh contract with Star TV for the show. I am slapping a legal notice on them for using my name in such a way.”

A source close to Ekta says, “Ekta Kapoor was furious when she learnt that Sara and Parul had used her name to gain publicity. She does not even know these girls and she never called them. In fact, Ekta never calls anyone ever for the party. She never calls even her close friends whom she works with, she simply sends SMSes to the people she knows to invite them to her party.”

According to our source if Ekta wants to meet someone she asks one of her creative heads to call them and then meets them. Our source adds, “Anyone who knows her will know that she has a big ego and never calls anyone herself. It was stupid on these girls’ part to do something like this and lie so blatantly. Now they will have to face Ekta’s fury as she is suing them.”

Report By:Kunal M Shah

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