Rahil bids adieu to Babul Ka Aangan

Rahil the Swayam of Babul Ka Aangan is set to leave the show. He’ll be killed in the coming episodes and will hence bid adieu to the show.“I’ll be soon exiting from the show as I’m done with it. I really had a good experience while shooting for this show,” says Rahil.Elaborating on his experience he says, “I got an opportunity to explore my talent and know more deeply what and who Rahil Azam is. I went on to play a challenging character which had different shades.”
In the coming episode Swayam will know the truth about Aastha and Shubh. After which he tires to commit suicide but he is stopped by his brother. When he knows the reality that Aastha is kidnapped, Swayam promises to bring her back but is unaware of Payal’s mission.

Our khabroo informs that, “Payal will stab Swayam in the coming episodes and take her revenge. Another twist is that Payal and Swayam have a son who is terminally ill. When Payal goes to the Ranawat family for help they throw her out from the house. Then she marries Swayam.”

What’s next for Rahil now? “Well I don’t know but what’s important is that any new role should be able to portray the real Rahil and compliment my calibre, just like Babul…,” concludes Rahil.

Report By: Tellychakkar team

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