factor works for Kashmera and Krushna…

Sony’s Kabhi Kabhie Pyaar Kabhi Kabhie Yaar,the unique dance reality show that showcased seven popular celebrity trios comprising of a reel life and a real life partner has seen its winner!!The Grand Finale was between the very talented Krushna-Kashmera-Mukul Dev and the vastly improved Tina-Karnvir-Teejay and it was experience that paid off as Krushna,Kashmera and Mukul emerged as winners!! “We have worked very hard, and it was a close call in the finale”,quips Kash.“For the last two weeks,we could not get good scores with Mukul, but our perseverance paid off” quip Kash and Krushna.When asked whether the voting process with no audience vote is justified,Kash says,“The panel is an established one.If it was left for the audience to decide, they would have voted for the characters of the show.

We are excited about the win and are proud to have been part of Ekta’s show”.A lot of questions have been raised on the manner in which the jury marked the contestants.But Krushna states,“They never made any personnel remark on us and their constructive criticism helped us improve more in the show”. Krushna couldn’t stop himself from commenting about the K Factor win.“This is Ekta’s first reality show and her “K” factor worked.Our names start with K and during the show I changed Mukul’s name to Kool so that the “K” factor works for us as well and it worked” (Laughs).

Krushna was all praise for Kash when he said, “She always comes up with unique concepts and we have been appreciated for the same”. Kashmera believes her journey was quite different from that of Krushna and Mukul. “I had a different journey as I had to balance both my career as well as my love. All the other trios had one man and two women, while it was quite different in my case. The themes of love, seduction were difficult to perform and it could not have been possible without the support of Krushna. He rather coached Mukul so that we can raise our bar. We had to maintain the basic trust and love for which I will always give credit to Krushna”, says an emotional Kash. Reciprocating this love was Krushna who said, “I love you for always maintaining this basic trust and love”.

The Finale will see the two finalist trios performing on three different numbers – one with the pyaar, another with the yaar and the final one featuring all the three. “We performed on a very unique concept in our final performance. It was a Saibaba song, a devotional one and apparently the day we shot for this was Saibaba’s birthday. So we were glad that he blessed us”, states an elated Kash.

As a final note, the romantic couple says, “We went not only to win, but also to entertain people. We really had a blast”.

Not to forget, the ‘Yaar’ of Kashmera, Mukul Dev is also a delighted man after winning the contest. “It was an amazing experience to be part of this show. I can now say that my whole life has changed after being part of this. I had not danced for many years and I felt great going back to my olden days. Above all, I have got a family in Kash and Krushna”, avers Mukul. Lastly, Mukul says he was too overjoyed when the winner was announced. “I was jumping like a kid when our name was announced”, concludes the actor.

Telly Buzz congratulates the winning Jodi of Mukul-Kashmera-Krushna.. At the same time, we commend the other finalist jodi of Tina-Karnvir-Teejay for putting up a great show and coming thus far in the competition!!

Watch the Grand Finale of Kabhi Kabhie Pyaar this Wednesday and Thursday at 8PM only on Sony Entertainment Television..

Reporter: Anuradha, Ranjini Nair

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