Despite better scores Mridul- Tina- Wasna ousted

Mridul – Tina-Wasna have been eliminated in the coming episode of Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar (Sony) which was a “Rain Special.” It has been alleged that though the trio got better marks than the other contestants they had to bow out.Talking about the elimination Mridul says, “Yes we have been eliminated. Though we had better scores the judges chose to eliminate us. If you want to know more on this talk to me after the elimination episode is aired.” Our khabroo informs, “They took the elimination very sportingly. Mridul was happy that atleast they have made it to the top three in the show.”

Wasna and Mridul who danced to the song On the roof in the raindisplayed crackling chemistry between the two of them and everyone including the judges talked about their growing closeness. And after this one couldn’t miss the blush on their faces. Taking this further hosts Rakshanda Khan and Sachin Tyagi asked Tina what she felt on their growing closeness.

What about Mridul and Wasna’s chemistry and the resultant envy from pyaar Tina? “Everybody including the judges told Tina that Wasna and Mridul have good chemistry. They compliment each other. Tina reacted to this in good spirit and said that chorographers were like her spies who kept a watch on them so there was no need for her to worry,” quips the source.

Chemistry, Geography, Biology…In a reality show nothing matters except right Mathematics.

This episode will be on air on Aug 14.

Report By: Rachana Trivedi

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