Bhaigiri on Dus Ka Dum

For the first time ever, Bollywood’s most famous bhais assembled together on one stage. To support their bhai Salman’s maiden small screen endeavour Sohail and Arbaaz paid a visit on the sets of Dus Ka Dum. The trio entertained the audience with their giggles and humour till the wee hours. We chat with the two bros about their experience being on the show and Sallu bhai as host.
How was your experience on 10 Ka Dum?
Arbaaz: – It was good and we really enjoyed ourselves. This was the first time that all three of us were seen in a single frame. I feel we made the show more vibrant and colourful (Humne show par aa kar chaar chand lagadiye)

Sohail: – It was fun for all three of us and we had a gala time playing this game. I always liked the format of the show and am grateful to be a part of it with my brothers.

How far could you go in the contest?

Arbaaz: – I could only win up to Rs 1, 00,000. This money will be donated to charity but we wish we could get more

Sohail: – In the mock rehearsal, I won Rs. 10, 00,000,000 but when I shot the final episode I was out in the first three rounds. Arbaaz bhai took the game ahead and I was helping him.

Which were the most memorable moments during the shoot?

Arbaaz: – For me it was all three of us playing the game and sharing some light hearted banter.

Sohail: – For me it was when the writer of the show Chetan Bhagat was talking with us about his books. He just forgot that the show had started rolling and we all were amazed with what was going on. There are so many things to edit in this episode. But over all it was a great experience

How will you rate Salman Khan as host?

Arbaaz: – He is fantastic and I would rate him 10 on 10. It’s not because he is my bro but I’m very impressed by him. He tends to break the norm of a typical host. Shah Rukh Khan has somewhat done that but Salman is way ahead and totally opposite of him. Salman bhai is more personal and he doesn’t believe much in a script. (It’s never like come let’s play Dus Ka Dum).

Sohail: – I would like to rate him 11 on 10. He has done full justice to the show and vice versa.

What was your contribution to Salman coming on television?

Arbaaz: – There is no contribution from my side. We are individuals and respect each other decisions. If we need each other during the bad times or any advice then only we interfere or contribute.

Sohail: – My contribution was to take this project to him. I liked the original concept of Power of 10 and when this offer came to me I immediately took it to bhai and he accepted it. That’s it

If given chance to host a show on TV what would that be?

Arbaaz: – I would like to host a cricket show if ever it comes on TV. I have good knowledge of cricket. I would also like to host a talk show but again it depends on its concept and other aspects too. For me its still time as right now I want to concentrate on films only.

Sohail: – I don’t think I would like to do any such things on TV as yet. I’m not as big as bhai so its better that I do what I have been doing. I would certainly like to produce some reality show on television as I feel it’s a powerful medium and connects well with the audience.

What will be the one question that you would like to ask Salman on television as host?

Arbaaz and Sohail: – We would like to ask him when is he planning to tie the knot. The last time we asked him this question, it was some 7-8 years ago.

Report By: Rachna Trivedi

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