Vinny aspires to become a journalist

Vinny Arora the leading face of Sony’s new show Aathvaan Vachan is an actress but has other dreams. She aspires to become a journalist some day. The cute and fresh face on TV has done small roles in popular shows like Kuchh Is Tara, Kasturi, Home Sweet Home and Gilli Danda.“Currently I’m in 12th grade and I’m planning to take up BMM. I aspired to become a journalist but now have a career in acting. May be in future I would try my luck as a journalist too,” says Vinny.

Talking about her acting career she says, “I have just been fortunate that I clicked with the viewers. And most importantly my parents also supported me in this decision. After entering this industry I started to enjoy acting. Earlier there was no such intention.”

It has been heard that her mom accompanies her to the sets as she is very young. “Yes, sometimes my mom comes on the sets especially when I have late night shoots. I feel good whenever she is around as at times when I get nervous she helps me out,” chirps the actress.

So how does she balance between studies and shoots? “I thank my producers for being so lenient. They give me time to attend college. I even get time to connect with my friends and watch movies with them. It’s all perfect for me,” she quips.

Vinny portrays the character of Urmi in the show. She is Shashtriji’s youngest daughter and Manali’s (Mouli Ganguly) little sister. Her character is that of an 18- year- old locked up in the mind of an 8- year- old. Urmi is cheerful, lively and full of life. She is completely dependent on her elder sister who is her best friend and a mother figure too.

Time will tell whether the girl makes it as a journo or an actress.

Report By: Tellychakkar

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