The show will be sugary in Twinkle & Puneet’s absence- Chetan Hansraj

Chetan Hansraj voices his displeasure on the behaviour of Twinkle and Puneet in Bollywood ka Ticket.The actor also talks about his role in Ekta’s Mahaabhaarat..After playing various roles in television soaps, the hot hunk of the television industry,Chetan Hansraj is now fighting a battle in 9X Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket. Along with this reality show,Chetan will also be seen as Bheem in Ekta Kapoor’s Kahaani Humaarey Mahabhaarat Ki.

It is a very nice experience and is interesting to do something different,

quips the actor.Reality shows and controversies go hand in hand and recently Chetan was seen raising his voice against Puneet,as he was rude towards the judge. The contestants definitely have to concentrate on their performance rather than showing attitude on the show.I just want to tell them to take this show seriously because we will be working in films which is not an easy task,advices Chetan.

This advisor is also a great friend of all the contestants and celebrity contestants.

I get along well with everyone. I have worked with many of these participants starting from Mihika to Vikas. So, I don’t have any issues,

quips Chetan. Having said this, the actor is quite happy that trouble makers Twinkle Bajpai and Puneet have walked out of the show.

Their antics have given me and others contestants a rise in blood pressure level. What arrogance and that too from some body who has done nothing in life, and Puneet is Bajpai’s lap dog who follows her blindly

, points out Chetan.

The actor was one among the few who questioned Twinkle when she called it a Quit as soon as she reached bottom three. How can you question the format only when you are in the bottom two? Did you not vote others out??, asks he. What really irked Hansraj were Bajpais comments on Panchi Bora’s background.
You cant get personal about anybody. And in Mr. Bora’s case, it was worst as he is at a senior post in the Indian army. She did not even stop there; she even attacked Mihika Verma about her being insecure and made her weep as well, quotes Chetan.

Ask him whether they might get back into the show and he says, “It will talk a lot on their self-respect if they do. The show will be sugary in their absence. I agree such shows generally instigate fights but this type of nautanki was something which even the channel did not expect”.

When asked him to describe the four mentors in one word, this is what Chetan had to say, For Amrita Singhs strong image I would describe her as Punjabi Khudi. Mahesh Manjrekar is deadly; Shabanaji is full of mannerisms and Zeenat Aman very Elegant.

Chetan is equally excited to play the role of Bheem in Ekta’s Mahabharat. “Bheem was the most powerful and also the strongest character in Mahabharat. It feels very nice as everybody doesn’t get chance to play such a character”, quips the actor. There have been criticisms that the characters look like Greek Gods with less of armor. How do you justify them? “I like the look. Why should we always expect the same looks like other mythological serials? This is a different Mahabharat. How do people know what these characters used to wear during that era? There are neither proofs nor pictures which can describe them. We don’t know how things were, so it’s fully justified”, clarifies he. On the mixed response the initial weeks of the mytho garnered, “But TRP’s are high and I think people are used to watching the old version while this is completely a new look that is given to the show. It will take time for people to accept”, says the handsome hunk as he ends.

Reporter by: Anil Merani, Ranjini Nair

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