Ekta clears the air on Mahabharat

There was a buzz about Ekta Kapoor’s Kahaani Hamaraay Mahabharaat Ki not getting good response and the channel is deciding about pulling down the show. However, Ekta cleared the air while celebrating Dahi Handi with her new Krishna Mrunal Jain.Talking about Mahabharat, she says, “It’s a traditional interpretation of the show, the only thing is that I wanted to focus a little bit on a history part of it. I am very attached to this show and it is close to my heart. I wanted to celebrate this function with all of you. So I thought this is the right day and it is our old tradition from many years to break handi. After Mrunal wore that costume of Krishna, he is Krishna for me, so I felt like touching his feet when he broke the handi. You should have faith. When we put tika on any statue, it becomes god for us so same is the faith I have for this Krishna.”

She adds, “I took that decision from my heart. He came to our office and I saw him at our temple in the office. He is a friend of our casting director. I asked him about this guy and he told me he is Jain and does not even eat onion and garlic. I told him that I have found my Krishna. I did not even make him undergo an audition. We just did a screen test and he was on the show from the next day. When he entered my office, it was the first time maine kisi actor ke samne apne haath jode. Somewhere in mind I knew that he can make a good Krishna. I think God has sent him to my door.”

On the controversies surrounding the show off air, she says, “These rumours were started by our rivals who are also trying to make Mahabharat. My show is getting TRPs of 1.4 and other mythological shows are also getting the same TRPs. If any show gets TRP of 2.2 it is considered different and great. But people just want to criticize me. I have also heard that we have not given costumes according to epic. If dhoti is considered a symbol of roman culture then I am not aware about it. I think my well wishers know more than whatever I know if they are saying all this.”

Is the image of actors one of the backdrops of the show? “I do not think so. When Mukhesh Khanna did that show, he had also done it after doing 4-5 films .Now if you will look at Ronit, he is doing a brilliant job. The most important thing is that whenever we had a telecast featuring him, we got a highest TRP’s for the show.”

Further she says, “I have been also hearing that there was an investment of 1.4 crore per episode from the channel in my show. I want to know who is paying that much money. If they are ready to pay me that much I am ready to shift my show on their channel. I can easily tell you, though I cannot give you exact figure, that I am not even getting one fourth of that. So keeping that in mind we are doing a good job. From day one I have been hearing so many rumours about the show that sometimes it all becomes funny.”

She further adds, “Initially, there were going to be two Mahabharats and only one got made. Most people are spending their precious time in discussing these things. But the fact is my show is on and it is performing well on 9 clock slot against other channel’s top show. But people are trying to pull the show down by spreading reports that my show is going off air. So I decided why not take the media to the sets and reveal the truth.”

The soap queen continues, “Ramayana is on and so as Krishna but all channels bring 15 people from other shows and discuss about my show. I did this not because of money but since I felt like doing it.”

Lastly, Ekta informed that though people do not want her to do mythos, she will do it and her next one will be about Lord Balaji.

She concludes saying that Dahi Handi is a huge function for them and every year she visits temples and on this day and takes part in Dahi Handi.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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