Why was Dulhann repeated?

As Dulhann fans settled down last Wednesday to watch their favourite show they were in for a rude shock. What came on air was the same episode that viewers had seen the previous day! While everybody is speculating about the reasons behind the repeat telecast we throw some light on what really went wrong.It is reported that the lead protagonist of the show Divyanka Tripathi didn’t turn up for the shooting of the particular episode despite knowing that the show had exhausted its bank of episodes. As a result the channel was left with no choice than to telecast the prior episode.A well-placed source informs, “Divyanka didn’t turn up for the shoot citing the reason that she had an appointment with her doctor. Which doctor take an entire day to check a patient? Since the time their (Sharad and Divyanka) tantrums have been disclosed to the media their attitude has become worse.”

When contacted, Producer Neelima Bajpai from Shakuntala, says, “I was not in town. I would not want to comment on this.”

Supervising Producer, Pradeep too chose a no-comment stance on the issue.

Divyanka Tripathi however refutes the rumours and claims that she has continuously been shooting for the show despite being unwell. She clears the air by saying, “I am suffering from a slip-disc from last one and a half month and my condition is really bad but I can’t afford to take an off as I have to shoot regularly, Dulhann being a daily. I work for 12 hours a day. I just took an off on 1 July which was informed well in advance and sanctioned by the concerned authorities.”

“It was reported by the media that I use dummies despite being on the sets. What people don’t know is that I am in acute pain most of the times and can’t really shoot some scenes of which I have informed the producers,” states the actress.

She states that she is also hurt by the recent accusations from her co-stars who call her and Sharad unprofessional. “We used to shoot for 15-16 hours a day but still we were accused of being unprofessional. We have adjusted a lot and have been emotionally involved in the show. Now we stick to the norm of 12 hours a day,” she informs.

Talking about the repeat telecast of the show, Divyanka says, “The last episode which was supposed to air on Thursday was a very complicated and major sequence. It was double work for me as I had to shoot both like Vidya (earlier birth) and Divya (re-incarnation). It took two days to finish shooting the sequence and it would be equally a tough task for the editor to cut and paste the scenes. It is nobody’s fault but some technical issues must have cropped up and thus the repeat.”

Well this is not the first time that Zee has telecast the re-run of the prior episode on the next day. It has earlier happened with other primetime shows like Teen Bahuraaniyaan and Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann wherein, the episodes have been repeated the next day.

Ajay Bhalwankar, Zee TV Programming Head, states, “Many a times we face technical issues and complications. About Divyanka I don’t think it is true at all.”

Report By:By Neha Maheshwri

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