Kamya enjoying marital bliss

Kamya Punjabi, who plays Sindoora in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, is enjoying a come back of sorts in her married life. The actress who had separated from her husband for a while is now back together with him. “I am happy to be back with my husband. Now all the problems between us have been sorted out. Both of us are feeling nice. We are managing to take out time for each other even though both of us are very busy. We try to catch up with each other over dinners at least. More than that I do not want to talk about it,” says Kamya.

The actress is also enjoying success on one of television’s most popular show Dulhann. “My character is a prominent part of this show and it can never be excluded. Sindoora’s track will get over only if she will be killed in show. It is true that a new track is coming but those characters are going to have relation with me only. It is a very interesting track and if I will tell you everything now then what will you watch later on? So I think you should wait and watch out for it. The only profit will be that while they will shoot with new cast… we can build bank with our tracks,” says the busy actress.

With her success on Dulhann, Kamya is also now busy in trying her luck in comedy.

“There is a lot of hard work involved in this show. Those who don’t say so are not telling the truth. You have to sit with your partner, work on the script and rehearse with him. It is not easy. In fact I never thought that I will reach this position. Every week I used to think that I will be eliminated this week. But I have come so far and now I want to be in finale. I am enjoying doing comedy,” she says.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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