Shweta Tiwari’s relatonship mantra

Shweta Tiwari, one of the first glamorous bahus on television, is making her comeback with a show Aaja Mahi Ve where she will be judging couples on their dancing skills. As a first time judge on any reality show, Shweta told us her strategies of judging.“This is the first show for common people. Some of the couples’ families are not even aware that they are very serious about this relation. So they want to prove this to their families that they make a good pair and in testing times too they will be there for each other.It is a kind of test of their faith in each other. So those who will pass these tests, I think we will sponsor their wedding,” she says.

“A couple should understand what a test is for them. If they are blaming each other for their elimination then they have not passed it but if they are not blaming oneself then I think they have passed it .They should accept that they have lost in the show because of lack of co-ordination but this is not end of their life. They are made for each other so they will get married even though we will not sponsor their wedding. Ultimately they should have that much faith that they want to marry each other. I have seen lots ups and downs in my life so I think I can share that with them. I am sure if they can cope up with such a difficult situation then they can be together forever,” adds the actress who has recently separated from her husband.

Shweta thinks that she can understand couples very well.

“My daughter is 7 years old. I know how a parent-kid relationship works. I can understand them; few of them are just scared of informing their parents about their relationship. But we they will be able to do it then it will be the best thing for them. We are here to encourage them and that is the reason for doing this show. I thought it is going to be very easy for me to judge this. But it is not easy in fact when two people are dancing there you have to take care of beats and such minor things. If we will make any mistake in judging then it becomes difficult for them to pass that particular level. So we are just going to make them understand their problem so they will rectify it next time. ”

“The another reason of doing reality show is that I can be Shweta Tiwari in the show and for my fans .People loved me as Prerna so now I want them to love me as Shweta. They should understand me that what I like and what I don’t like what makes me happy or sad. I am also human being like you. I want to show real Shweta,” she says passionately.

Lastly when asked about whether she will like to see her daughter in such reality show she says, “Apraji said the right thing that if I will come to know about her relationship through such a show then I think I have failed as a mother. I will have similar feelings. Because I want my daughter to be my friend. She should not be scared of telling me anything. After telling me she can be part of such show I do not have problem with that.”

The show is having 11 unmarried couple who will contest with each other and the winning couple’s wedding will be sponsored by the channel.

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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