Madhura slams Sara-Ali; actor hits back

Sara Khan (Sadhna of Bidaai) and Madhura Naik (Soniya) had a fight with each other over Sara’s beau Ali Merchant. The fight between both of them took place four days back. Madhura gave us her side of the story. Narrating what happened, she says, “Actually I have known Ali for many years. On the sets I and Sara became good friends so we used to chat with each other and when she came to know that I know Ali for many years she started asking me about him. I told her to be a bit careful. However she took it very seriously and started creating controversies between me and my co-stars.”

Madhura continues, “She used to cry in front of everyone and then Ali started threatening me. He called up my friends and told them that I should be careful otherwise he will throw me out of this industry. He gave me threatening calls at 3 am and forced my friends to speak against me. But I am not going to stretch this matter.”

Talking about past, she says, “Ali used to come to my home. My mother knows him well. In fact she warned him not to disturb me. He is a liar. Even Sara is unnecessarily troubling everyone .I told her not to involve me in this from day one but still she did this even after getting engaged to Ali last month. They did not invite me for their engagement though they invited everyone from the show but I do not care about it.”

She further says, “Because of Ali I had a break off with my ex boyfriend. He created a misunderstanding between us and used to irritate me a lot. He just wants bad publicity. I do not want to talk to either of them. It’s all very childish.”

Incidentally, in the show, Madhura is getting engaged to Kinshuk.

Ali however rubbishes all these claims. “It is true that I have known her for 2-3 years but now I regret it. She wanted to be part of our group as she wanted to get work in Balaji. It is very funny. Everybody is calling up and asking me who that girl is. It’s all fake and I am amazed. Everybody knows about our reputation so why would Sara have the need to ask anything about me to her.”

On allegations of him threatening her, he hits back saying, “I do not have that much time to do all these things. It’s very bad of her to talk like this and even after all this I do not want to talk about her.”

Asked about her claims of him being responsible for her break up, he responds, “I don’t even know who her boyfriend was. I am very workaholic so I only believe in doing my stuff and not get involved in such back-biting.”

Lastly, Ali also denied that he is engaged to Sara as per Madhura. “One time she says that we are doing this for publicity. If so why do we need to hide our engagement? We have openly acknowledged our relationship in front of everyone,” he signs off.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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