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Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai’s producer-director Rajan Shahi is known to be quite the hard taskmaster. He has found a novel way of ensuring that actors of the show report to the sets on time every day. Actors are being fined whenever they are late.For Shahi, this was an ideal way to get his actors to be punctual.Although a lot of the actors have been warned already, it is lead actress Sara Khan aka Sadhna who has already been fined twice for not showing up on time despite being warned.Rajan Shahi says, “Yes, we have enforced this rule but it was not an overnight decision.We always had this policy but it’s only now that we are putting it to effect. I have nothing against the actors.No one is supposed to come late without a valid reason. Sara has been fined twice. Money has been directly deducted from her pay cheque as she was late many times.”

Shahi says that it is a matter of discipline for the actors. He says that all the technicians and senior actors arrive on the sets on time.
He adds, “Why should they suffer because someone else is coming late? Everybody’s time is equally important.”

“We have also warned 2-3 other actors on the sets and they have not repeated the mistake. I am not ruthless as we do understand that in Mumbai, there are always traffic issues.

Another reason why I have enforced this rule is to bring uniformity in the entire unit.

Sara was fined as she kept coming late and then one day the shoot was held up for two hours because of her. She has apologised and promised not to repeat it again,” he says.

Report By:Kunal M Shah

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