Priyamvada and Puneet in Shhh…Phir Koi Hai

Priyamvada who was last seen in Meri Doli Tere Angna and Puneet who was last seen in Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai will be seen in the upcoming episode of the episodic show Shhh…Phir Koi Hai. Both the actors were looking for something different after these shows went off air. Puneet Sachdev had to leave Meri Doli in between as he was unhappy with the way his character was shaping up.This new episode of Shhh…Phir Koi Hai is going to be telecast on August 1. Puneet is playing the role of a blind boy who has an ability to sense the evil. Priyamvada is playing a homely girl.This is the fourth time that Puneet will be seen in this show and Priyamvada is doing it for the second time. Puneet said, “One gets to do different things in episodic shows. In my first episode, I played a tapori, for the second one, I played a serious village boy, for the third episode, I played a regular daily soap type of a husband and this time I am playing the role of a blind boy.” Priyamvada said, “Puneet and me play childhood buddies and there is a romantic connection between us but we do not disclose our feelings.”

It seems Shhh…Phir Koi Hai is the serial where all actors want to be. Ironically they are graduating to an episodic and not a daily!

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