Khandilkar family has been eliminated from Waar Parriwar

This week it’s time for another family to bid adieu from the Sony’s Waar Parriwar. In a real shocker, the Khandilkar family of Maharashtra has been eliminated.A reliable source informs, “The Khandilkar family is eliminated this time. It was a very shocking moment for all of us as no one expected this to happen. The Chaturvedis, Rizvis and the Khandilkars were in the bottom three. We thought that Chaturvedis will say good bye as their performance was considered weak vis-à-vis the two families.”One to be upset by this result was none other than the host, Umrila Matondkar. “Urmila felt bad about their elimination. She said that Maharashtra is not listening to them and that the audiences should judge the contestants properly. However, Khandilkar family took this decision very sportingly. After their elimination, Tyagraj sang Ek Chatur Naar and the family received a standing aviation both from the audience as well as the judges,” quips our source.

Surprisingly, Khandilkars’ opponent, the Rizvis were so shaken up by the result that they offered to make a sacrifice. “Yes, this is true but Tyagraj was not ready to accept it and said that the viewers want to listen to them (Rizvis) and they’ll have to stay back. Tyagraj also said that this was no ending but a new beginning for the family,” our source reveals.

It must be recalled that the production house, Sai Baba Telefilms, had earlier received threatening calls from a woman who dared them to oust the Khandilkars. . Well, now that they are eliminated, we need to wait and watch what happens next.

Report By: Rachana Trivedi

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