Woh Rehne Wali… finds its ‘Rani’

Stars come and go but the show must go on. Rajshri productions have roped in an entire new star cast for their premier show Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki on Sahara One. Rookie actor Neha Janpandit will take over from Reena Kapoor as the lead actress.The 20-year-old Ruia college student began her career with modelling and a year later she finds herself playing the lead role in Woh Rehne…. She’s also a trained dancer in Kathak and Bharatnatyam. “I’ve been in this industry for a year. I tried my luck at acting and luckily, I successfully auditioned for this show,” says Neha.

Speaking on her character she says, “I play Rani, the adopted daughter of Pari (Reena). She’s your typical chirpy college girl, one who aspires to be a doctor. With nobody from the previous cast, the new track will revolve around the life of Rani.”

With new actors at the helm of a very successful show, pressure is on them to match the success of their predecessors. “For three years, it’s been the number one soap on Sahara One. It’s a challenge for all of us to live up to viewers’ expectations,” Neha says.

When asked whether she’s been following this show regularly, she replies, “No, not any more. I did catch on to it initially but thereafter I lost stopped viewing it.”

No problem Neha. TV actors seldom watch their own shows!

Report By: Mayur Lookhar

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