Hey, what’s eating them?

Success seems to have gone to television actors Divyanka Tripathi and Sharad Malhotra’s heads. These lead actors of Zee TV’s Banno Main Teri Dulhann are giving a tough time to their production house, Shakuntala Films. Remarks an insider from the unit, “Divyanka and Sharad have stopped eating unit food, claiming it’s unhygienic and not tasty. Instead, they order food from well-known food outlets and run up to huge bills every day, which they ask the production guys to cough up.”The food bill is said to have amounted to Rs 1400 for each person on a daily basis. The producer rushed to the channel to inform about the kharcha, conveying that he couldn’t afford to pay so much money.

When contacted, Pearl Shahi (Zee TV’s Creative Head) confirmed the story. She said, “The story is true. The Dulhann producer brought this to our notice. We had told him to give a special allowance to these two actors and they were both allotted Rs 250 per day.

But things don’t seem to have still improved. Now, I hear they are asking for the allowance to be raised to Rs 350 per day.”
However, the problem doesn’t end there.

Divyanka and Sharad are apparently throwing tantrums to shoot scenes where they are not facing the camera and have asked for a body double to shoot for the same.

Pearl confirms the news again and says, “Yes. They seem to be devoting a lot of time to their catalogue shoots, forgetting that they are what they are only because of Dulhann. Moreover, how can you refuse to shoot for a particular scene if you are present on the set?”

Divyanka and Sharad remained unavailable for comment.

What do they plan to do now? Pearl replied, “Let’s see what should be done. Right now, we are coming up with a great track with actors who are as big stars as Divyanka and Sharad.”Now, is that a warning?

Report By:Vickey Lalwani

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