Dulhan changes tracks

One of the most watched shows on Zee, Dulhan is again going for a change in track. The current track has Sindoora (Kamya Punjabi) stabbing Harsh as he was helping Vidya (Divyanka) to get married to his son Amar (Sharad Malhotra). In the coming episodes Vidya will elope and secretly get married to Amar.“Yes, in the coming episodes I’ll elope and go to Amar’s place.We’ll get married and then return home,” says DivyankaElaborating on her experience she explains, “It was a wonderful experience and I’m excited about the change in the story.

Sindoora doesn’t want us to get married and I therefore run away from the house. In between there are scenes of my journey which was very fascinating. I enjoyed the whole experience. In these scenes I won’t be wearing any make-up. This is something I had been looking forward to,” she adds.

The scene was shot in Mukesh Mills in Mumbai. “I remember some people saying that Mukesh Mills is a haunted place but when I reached there it was beautiful. Initially I was little sceptical about shooting there but later on I just loved the place. Now I really want to know the history and study the structure of the ruins,” she quips.

In real life how would you like to get married? “Well I would like to go by all the rituals. If my parents don’t agree we’ll take our own time to make them understand but I will not run away,” she laughs.

There is another twist in the tale where Kamna (Amreen) and Samrat (Vishal Vatwani) will be forced into marriage. “After the Vidya and Amar track, the story will focus on me and Vishal. We’ll be forced to get married and after that how it creates problems between us,” says Amreen.

Wow now the Dulhan is a runaway bride!

Report By: Rachana Trivedi

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