Bhavishya is going to die

Having suffered his torments since a long time, they take the extreme step of throwing him in the fire, the way he did earlier to Savitri. “My character Bhavishya is going to die and there are many new things that are going to unfold in the show,” says Kartik. After Bhavishya’s death, he will be seen only as Ranbir, who is Bhavishya’s duplicate.Kartik Sabharwal’s character Bhavishya in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan is going to die in the coming episode. He gets killed by all the four daughters in the show.

Bhavishya is Savitri’s, ex husband in the show. Savitri is one of the Betiyaan in the show. His was a negative character whom Savitri dreaded. He was shown to be in jail for attempting to kill Savitri by charring her.

Later, his duplicate named Ranbir was introduced, who falls in love and gets married to Durga, Savitri’s sister. Suddenly, the Bhavishya in jail comes to Garodia house and claims that he is real Ranbir. Everyone is in a dilemma on the genuineness of Ranbir. The confusion is going to be solved forever after Bhavishya dies.

“Yes, it is true that Bhavishya is going to die and he is going to be killed by the Betiyaan,” confirms Sangha Mitra, creative head of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan. The show always had twists and turns to keep the audience watching it. There was no tragedy in the show since some time now and this new event in the show is expected to boost its popularity.

Report by: Anjum Farooki

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