Karan – Nandini’s son to enter Kyunki

After the re-entry of Lakshya and a lead opposite him (Vaidehi), now it is time for Karan and Nadini’s son to enter Kyunki. A source from the production informs, “We are hunting for the guy. We have not finalized the track for him but he will be Karan and Nadini’s long lost son. We have kept all our options open so we may cast a fresh face or may be an established star. Ekta will take the final call. I guess everything will be out soon and we will make a proper announcement.” The track of Karan-Nadini’s son has been pending for a long time. Before Smriti Irani’s entry Nandini came to know that Mandira had stolen her new born baby.

Mandira managed to convince hospital authorities, who informed Nandini that the child died immediately after birth. After 25 years now Tulsi has found out the child is with Mandira and she knows everything about it. That is how Karan –Nadini’s son will enter.

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