Gautami will exit Kyunki

Gautami Kapoor’s role as Juhi Thakural in Kyunki is getting over this week. Scriptwriter Anil Nagpal tells us how she will exit. “I do not know what is coming on air right now but I have written the end for Gautami’s track. There is going to be a grand finale type event which will mark Gautami’s end. The entire family will come to know about her truth. We are not going to kill her in the show. Her character will leave the Virani house and she will just go away from the show. It is not like we are leaving our options open for bringing her back in the show as I do not know whether we will need her track in future.”

Gautami herself says, “Now that Smriti is about to enter in Virani family, my track will slowly wind up. I have not shot for my last scene as yet but it will happen any time soon. I have not decided what after that.”

Right now in the show the entire Virani family, which thinks that Juhi is the real Tulsi, is celebrating her birthday. Juhi had planned an accident and was under the impression that both Mihir and Tulsi died in it but Mihir escapes and enters the Virani household again. Earlier Karan, who also believed that Shobha is telling the truth, left the house to find Mihir and ended up getting evidence against Juhi.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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