Vineet Raina is spooky

Vineet Raina will be seen in the upcoming episode of Shhh..Phir Koi Hai on Star One. The episode will be on air after July 15. Vineet Raina who is always hungry to do something different, is being quite different this time. He is playing the role of a dead man who doesn’t know that he is dead. Mahi Vij will be seen scaring the audience along with Vineet.Vineet Raina is immensely satisfied with the kind of roles he is getting to do. After quitting Maayka, he bagged a role of a king in the show Siraj-ud-daula and now he is getting a chance to play a soul. When asked about how it feels playing a haunting character, he said, “It is very refreshing. It is just so much of fun to play something like this. I am glad that I am getting opportunities to do different kinds of work. I have shot for two days and it was great.”

Elaborating on his role in Shhh..Phir Koi Hai, he says, “I play the role of a man who gets killed but he doesn’t realise that he is dead until he comes across a girl. This girl has the power to see and hear the dead. She is the one who makes me realise that I am not alive any more. Before having met her, I followed my daily routine of going to office and coming home without even knowing that I am dead. I feel strange when people don’t respond when I speak to them in regular course. On knowing that I was killed, I take revenge from my killer.”

As Vineet’s fans get to see their fave actor in a different avatar we hope they don’t get so spooked that they stop watching him.

Report By : Anjum Farooki

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