Sweeping gesture

Salman Khan has displaying his generous nature again. During a 10 Ka Dum (Sony) episode which was shot last week, he gave away Rs 1 lakh to a sweeper, from his own pocket. The BMC sweeper from Akola, who participated in the reality show, was heartbroken after he was eliminated. Sallu noticed how upset he was and after hearing about his financial problems, asked his driver to get Rs 1 lakh for him. An eyewitness says, “The sweeper was very excited about being on the show, but his face fell after he was eliminated. Salman approached him and asked him what was wrong.”

The sweeper poured out all his financial troubles to Sallu who heard him out.

The eyewitness adds, “I saw the sweeper telling Salman that earns Rs 3,500 per month, and is finally left with only Rs 1,000 since he is repaying a loan in installments of Rs 2,500 every month.”

Salman told him not to worry. He called his driver and asked him to get Rs 1 lakh. The driver arrived with the money within an hour.

The sweeper could not believe his eyes when Salman handed over the huge amount of money to him. The eyewitness says, “He touched Salman’s feet in gratitude.”

Report By:Vickey Lalwani

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