Habib Ka Dum

Habib Mithiborwala was one of the most popular actors in the TV show, Remix. But today, he is struggling to stand on his own feet, literally. The 25-year-old actor met with a series of unfortunate events during the 26/7 deluge. His car was stolen and he was left unconscious outside a hospital where he was almost pronounced dead.But Habib has proved that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Today, he is back on his feet after undergoing as many as 40 surgeries. Habib recently got to shake a leg with his favorite actor, Salman Khan. He was a contestant on the reality show, Dus Ka Dum, which is hosted by Salman.

Recalling his meeting with Salman, Habib says, “Salman was really concerned when he was told about my problem and learnt that I am going to be on the show. He promised to help me if I need any medical assistance in the future. He has also discussed my case with his family doctor.”

Habib is quite proud of the jig he did with Salman on the show. “While dancing with him, I accidentally pushed him twice or thrice. But he did not complain at all. I also told him ‘Sir, people say that life has not been fair with you, but look at me, life has been even more unfair to me.’ I cannot forget the smile on his face,” says Habib.

Habib has come back to the city after spending time in his hometown in Gujarat and is looking forward to working in the industry again. “I have signed Raaz 2 and there are some television offers, but my health at present does not permit to shoot for long hours and in the television industry, that is a requisite,” he says wistfully.

Talking about his trials in the last two years, Habib says, “The last two years haven’t been easy. People made fun of me when I went to ask for work. Some said, ‘You cannot even stand for 10 seconds, who will take care of you on the sets?’ Some promised but did not give any work. It has been very tough, but I am a survivor and will fight to get back. I will make a name for myself.”

Habib is hopeful that Salman Khan will keep his promise to help him. “But, I really don’t know how to get in touch with him, although I do have his doctor’s number. My birthday is on June 17 and I hope that Salman calls up and wishes me on my birthday,” he adds hopefully.

Report By:Bharati Dubey

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