Babul set to show a triangular love-story

From a sasural-maayka dilemma to running on a romantic track between husband and wife, Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na is all set to show a triangular love-story now. The show is nothing less than a 70 mm flick as it has all the required masala. This comes as no surprise as producer Ratna Sinha has blockbuster film Tum Bin and 250 music-videos to her credit.

Talking about the development of the track, Ratna says, “Now Aastha will play Swayam’s wife till he recovers from his personality disorder completely. Viewers know that Swayam was madly in love with Payal, Aastha’s look-alike, who is dead now. He will come across Aastha and will think of her as Payal. Now that he is on the brink of going mad, Swayam’s family can’t break the news that Aastha is already married to his younger brother Shubh.”

“There will be a triangular love story now between Aastha, Shubh and Swayam. Aastha will have to play Swayam’s wife as she is sacrificing and can do anything for her family,” adds the producer.

Despite the new track, we will sustain the original track which shows her dilemma wherein she is always in a fix to make a choice between her in-laws and her own family. Ratna informs, “We are not letting go the gist of the show. Aastha will be seen making choices between her two families. In the upcoming track, Aastha’s sister Shilpa will elope but Aastha will not be able to meet her parents as she is playing Payal now. If she goes to her parents’ home, Swayam will end up doubting her.”

Well as the track of the show gets more interesting, poor Aastha’s life will still be full of problems. Such is the case with every protagonist- more tears and less happiness.

Report By: Neha Maheshwri

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