Aarti Khandpal to enter Annu…

The latest one to find her place under the sun is stand-up comedian Aarti Khandpal who was a part of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3 . The lady is going to make a cameo appearance in Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Waah which will run for a span of two weeks.Stand – up comedians are finally getting their due. With the success of comedy shows stand-up comedians are also achieving much popularity. Where the likes of Sunil Pal and Raju Srivastava are being seen in movies, the others are accommodated in soaps.

Rajesh Bhatia, Creative Head of the show confirmed the news and said, “Aarti is playing the role of Maya who is a very warm and loving lady. She sympathises with Annu and Ashu who have eloped from their homes as their respective families are against their relationship. Maya feels for the couple as she too had fled from her home to marry the love of her life who is no more now.”

“She will be seen in typical Manorama (the late character artiste in films) style and will protect Annu and Ashu from the police and goons who are looking for them. Her entry is expected to air on Monday, 23 June,” he adds.

Aarti Khandpal says, “There will be an introduction of a track similar to that in the movie Bombay to Goa. People will see a reflection of actress Manorama in my character. Mine is a guest entry. I am really keyed up to play Maya in the show and I hope people will like my work.”

How did the production house think of roping her for the role? “She had come for the audition and we spotted her acting potential. She has the capability of giving the liveliness to the character. Initially the role had gray shades to it. The character was sketched in a manner that Maya would turn negative in the end and will rob the couple of their money and jewellery. But after Arti was finalised we decided to alter the character as she looks very positive and turning gray wouldn’t suit her personality,” answers Rajesh.

Report By:By Neha Maheshwri

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