Snehal Sahay has first time an actress in two new films

Snehal who came to fame with the show Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, is currently acting in Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki and she is doing cameo roles in two new films.Though Snehal’s plate is full, she has one unfulfilled ambition. This bubbly babe aspires to become a singer. Singing is Snehal’s long kept secret. This is the first time after becoming an actress that she has told someone about her singing ability. “For some reasons I never told anyone in the industry that I could sing. I am thinking seriously of pursuing a career in singing,” says Snehal.

She is so passionate about singing that if she has to choose between acting and singing, she would prefer singing. She claims that she is absolutely in love with singing and it is in her genes as her mother is also a singer. Her parents wanted her to be a singer. Now that she has made a decision to focus on singing, her parents are excited and glad. Snehal plans to take training in singing and polish the rhythm in her voice.

“I used to actively participate in singing shows and competitions throughout my school and college days. I always wanted to be a singer but once I just thought of doing theatre as I was getting bored in my vacations. One thing led to the other and I became a television actress,” explains Snehal.

At present, Snehal is busy acting and improving her vocal chords but she is clear that she wants to pursue a full fledged career in singing after two years.

Report By: Anjum Farooki

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