Nupur hurts her eye

Nupur Alankar had a painful experience while shooting for Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan. Our khabroo present on the sets informs us that the actress was seen rushing outside the shooting location holding her eye. It left everyone present on the location wondering if it was some bad news that had forced her to run from the shooting. Later, everyone realised that the actress had hurt her right eye while shooting a sequence of Betiyaan and had left the location in pain.

When contacted, Nupur confirmed the news. She said, “I was shooting for a sequence where Durga (Smriti Mohan) was required to throw away her glass of juice (which was actually a soft drink) in anger. But unfortunately, a good amount of the drink got splashed inside my right eye and all over my face. I immediately started feeling irritation in my eye and it started burning. I rushed outside fearing severe damage and immediately called up my doctor who suggested that I clean my eye with water and put eye-drops every five minutes for the next two hours. I have been sitting in my van since the past half an hour and it has started getting a little better. The pain too has subsided.”

The actress also added that she already has some problem with her right eye which needs to be operated upon. She said, “My doctor has advised me to undergo an operation on the eye but I am postponing it. For the time being I use three different kinds of eye drops everyday to ward off any problem. I also wear spectacles all the time when not shooting.”

Report By:Neha Maheshwri

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