All’s not well on Betiyaan

If sources are to be believed then all is not well on the sets of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan and the reason is none other than assistant director Raj. A source from the production house says that the director trusts Raj, the assistant director of the show blindly and he tends to misguide. Our source says, “It was only recently when Tanushree Kaushal aka Maineka had to apologise to Prasad, when he was misinformed by his favourite assistant director Raj. At times, Raj doesn’t inform some actors of the call-time which eventually results in delays and chaos, but tells Prasad that he has informed them. Now since Prasad trusts him blindly he doesn’t pay heed to actors who have a different story to tell.”

“The latest victim is Nupur Alankar aka Halki Bua who was made to apologise and touch Prasad’s feet when he threatened to call off the shooting. It so happened that out of curiosity Nupur questioned Raj as to why didn’t he shoot the scene that required her when she was there on the sets a day back. It didn’t go down well with him and he asked Nupur to mind her own business,” adds our source.

Another source adds, “There were junior artists present on the sets and the manner in which Raj spoke to Nupur was humiliating. But Nupur just shrugged off the whole matter and resumed shooting. It was when she asked Raj to move aside that the worst happened. He bluntly told her that he is not going to move. It was then that Prasad interrupted and asked Nupur to go to her make-up room and announced a pack-up.”

“Nupur went to apologise Prasad who then made her to touch his feet which she did. Nupur, then started trembling and as a result suffered from acute anxiety attack. She is recuperating and is not reporting at shoots from past three days,” concludes our source present in the make-up room.

When contacted, Nupur’s mother responded and said, “We don’t want to comment on anything. Nupur is not well, she is under acute depresion.”

Dheeraj Kumar, Creative Eye and producer of the show, says, “I have no idea. I would not have such in-depth knowledge about the team-members as I don’t go to the sets everyday. In fact it was on May 9 when they all had come to my son’s birthday party, where they looked very comfortable in each other’s company.”

But the drama as per our source enfolded only on May 11. And post this humiliation Nupur does not wish to continue with the show adds our source.

Report By :Neha Maheshwri

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