Nikhil Arya steps in Iqbal Khan’s shoes

After Iqbal Khan who was playing the role of Abhimanyu Adhikari left Chhoona Hai Aasmaan, speculations were rife about a suitable face that would fill in for him on the show. It is Nikhil Arya who has been roped in by Endemol to play Abhimanyu Adhikari. The show is a comeback of sorts for the actor and he is animated about the role.But why Chhoona as comeback vehicle? Nikhil says, “In fact why not? I have always tried to do different roles. In my career span of 5 years I have played a hardcore lover, essayed a negative role, done a couple of horror shows and now I am playing the role of a patriotic air-force officer Abhimanyu Adhikari.”

“Even actors who have spent 12 years in the industry do not get to play such a variety of roles. I want to play challenging roles,” adds the actor.

Talking about the challenge that an actor faces when replacing another on a show, Nikhil says, “I don’t deny the challenge that one faces while replacing someone. But with due respect to Iqbal’s portrayal of the role, I don’t think it will take me time to be accepted by the audience. My perception of Abhimanyu Adhikari is different from that of Iqbal’s.”

“I can go on the rooftop and scream about not comparing me with Iqbal, but comparisons are bound to happen”, he avers.

Why did he take up the show despite knowing that the show is on only until August after which it will go off-air?

He answers, “First of all the role currently is absolutely an actor’s delight. I am sure if the reported technical reasons would not have surfaced Iqbal wouldn’t have had left the show. Also the money quotient is phenomenal.”

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