Sujata has sent a legal notice

On the April 29 episode, one of the characters in the show gave out a specific mobile phone number as Aman’s number. As soon as the number was out, Resham was flooded with unwanted calls.Aman Verma’s mobile number in Sony Entertainment’s Sujata has stirred up enough trouble for Resham Lalwani, a housewife from Bandra. She has sent a legal notice to the channel on May 2 asking for Rs 1 crore as compensation as her number was used in Sujata. Sony still has not replied to the notice.

Says Resham’s husband Bharat, “It all started that night immediately after the number was given out in the show. Resham received hundreds of calls from all sorts of unknown numbers.”

The calls kept coming in till next morning. “We didn’t know what was happening and why people were suddenly calling up on Resham’s number asking for Aman Verma. Finally, we had to switch off the phone,” adds Bharat.

The Lalwanis thought that there was some technical problem with their newly purchased phone and took it to the vendor. However, they discovered that nothing was wrong with the handset.

Bharat says, “The next day when I attended one of the calls, I found out that the number was given out as Aman’s number in Sujata. No wonder people were harassing my wife and asking her to give the phone to Aman Verma.”

When Resham said that it wasn’t Aman’s number, some of the callers even threatened and abused her. The calls kept coming after the repeat telecast of the serial the next afternoon. The Lalwanis were finally left with no option but to switch off the phone.

They then decided to take action and sent a legal notice to the channel to take care of the matter failing which they have asked for Rs 1 crore.

When contacted Yusuf Iqbal, Advocate, Supreme Court, confirms and says, “Yes, we have sent a legal notice to Sony. We have asked them to state on television that the particular number does not belong to Aman Verma. Otherwise, they must pay a compensation of Rs 1 crore. But, the channel has not replied to the notice yet.”

Report by:Ashwini Deshmukh

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