Moyals eliminated from Waar Parriwar

After the exit of the Bhagwat family last week, this time the Moyal folks got eliminated from Sony’s Waar Parivar. The Moyals have been unable to impress the judges and thus had to leave the platform.“Yes,we are eliminated this week. Basically it was my mistake as I had taken this competition very lightly,” says Harish.There was a controversy brewing on the sets in an earlier episode. “There was a controversy but it was later solved. Basically I was the captain of the team and was told to sing but I could not do so thus, I sent my brother to sing on stage,” confirms Harish.

“I had just returned from Germany after a month and the climate difference exhausted me. I was not well on that day so could not perform,” he adds.

It was said that if the captain is not able to perform then the next performer whose turn is there should go. It was your mother but your brother went instead? “Well it was nothing like that. I know my mom is weak at singing so I decided to send my brother as there is no such rule,” he states.

The Moyal family was competing with Ali. So this evening Ali is safe.

In the coming episode there will be a wild card entry. So the eliminated families can try their luck again. Lets see who Lady Luck will shine on.

Report By :Rachana Trivedi

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