Shagufta bids farewell to Woh Rehne Wali..

A journey that began three years ago has reached its destination. Seasoned actress Shagufta Ali has bowed out of Rajshri’s production’s Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki but not before she completed 700 episodes. In her last episode, which was broadcast on 16 May, Danima (Shagufta) passes away in the hospital.An emotional Shagufta says, “To say that I’m sad would be an understatement. Three years is a long time to be associated with any show. You get emotionally attached not just to the show but also your co-actors. It’s been a great experience for me. Above all, I’m happy with the way my character (Danima) had shaped up.”

Was it a conscious decision on part of the producer to bring an end to her character? Shagufta replies, “Kavita (Barjatya) had informed me of this a month in advance. All characters have their shelf life,” she sighs.

Did she ever felt that her character was being dragged? She quickly says, “Not once did I get an impression that my character was losing its sheen. I think it’s come to its logical end. Besides, Kavita must have seen no point in dragging my character and so deemed it to end it.”

Recalling her best days, Shagufta sighs, “It was more fun in the initial years when we had the likes of Arjun Punj, Alok Nath. Reena and I were the only survivors from the original cast. Naturally, you take time to gel with the new actors. However, in no way am I trying to say that I didn’t enjoy myself with the current cast.”

Surprisingly, despite being such a pivotal figure in the show, there weren’t any celebrations on her final day of the shoot. “There was no party. Well, I don’t know if they had one after I left. Kavita and all my co-actors gave me a warm farewell. Well, that’s enough for me,” concludes the actress.

Report By:Mayur Lookhar

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