Krutika replaces Anisha in AKHGWBW

Veteran actress Krutika Desai has replaced Anisha Ahuja to play step-mother to lead Srejita De in Annu Ki Ho Gaye Waah Bhai Waah. Strangely, Krutika has replaced Kamya Punjabi to play the lead Reena Kapoor’s first mother-in-law in Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki on Sahara One.Krutika says, “It is a mere coincidence. Now I would get to play either mother or mother-in-law. My character in Annu Ki Ho… has gray shades where as it’s a positive role that I am essaying in Woh Rehne Wali… For this particular role, DJ Creations touched base with me and I accepted it because I really liked both my role and the concept of the show.”

Though Krutika realises that it is a challenge to step into somebody else’s shoes, she says, “I am not bothered about it. I agree that the viewers will take some time to get used to it but ultimately your hard work pays off. People have accepted me in Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki.”

It is reported that Anisha was replaced as she was not able to give enough time to the show due to her other commitments. The story is also taking a surprising twist and the production house was left with no option than to replace Anisha with Krutika.

Maa ke badle maa…what?

Report By:Neha Maheshwri

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