Nupur’s reality bites

Nupur Alankar aka Halki bua of Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan had an unpleasant experience at a local bank today when she had to pay the price of being a celebrity, by becoming subject to the overtures of an elderly man.

Nupur says, “There was a long queue and behind me there was a man in his late sixties who was continuously staring at me. I felt very uneasy and decided to shift away from him. At one point when it became unbearable, I requested the man to move ahead of me to which he blatantly refused.”

It was then when Nupur lost her cool and told him to behave properly. Nupur says, “Finally I lost my temper and told him that maybe he is not taught to respect females but I have been taught by my parents to respect our elders. It was then when people came to my help and lambasted that man.”

After reading this eve-teasers will definitely think twice before messing up with Nupur.

Report By: Neha Maheshwri

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