Golden Heart of Nupur Alankar

Nupur has been helping the needy and today she is helping a 16 month old deaf and dumb kid by collecting cash for his operation.Nupur Alankar aka Halki bua of Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan is known for her golden heart.Nupur says, “My dress designer Saba from Ek Chabhi Hai Pados Mein , told me about Mr. Muzammil, who needs 10 lakhs for his child’s operation. His only son named Mohd. Qasim is deaf and dumb by birth. His father who is an agent with a small time ayurvedic shop cannot afford the surgery.”

“There is a particular time-period within which he has to get a machine transplanted in his ears which will enable him to hear and thus speak. This has to be done before he turns two,” informs the actress.

She is providing a message facility to all call centers where people can donate money through cheques so that there is a proper income-tax revelation. The actress says, “Apart from call centers, I have approached all my friends, direction and technician unit of my shows Ek Chabhi and Betiyaan. I have also approached two news channels. My actor friend Sushil Parashar is the first person to fund the cause and so far I have collected Rs.13,000. I will also give from my personal account.”

Qasim’s father, Muzammil says, “Qasim, my only son suffers from bilateral deafness by birth. We have to get his cochlea transplant done. I have one lakh rupees from my savings and Rs.17, 000 from a trust and for the remaining amount I had approached Nupurji.”

Nupur sure has her heart in the right place. And may her tribe increase.

Report By: Neha Maheshwri

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