Gautami Kapoor talking about the original Tulsi

If you thought Smriti Irani’s re-entry (scheduled for the coming Thursday episode) in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu Thi has upset Gautami Kapoor who’s playing Tulsi, then think again. Says Gautami, “When I was offered to play Tulsi, I always knew Smriti was going to come back. Mine was supposed to be a cameo which then extended into almost a year. I only didn’t know when and how she will enter the show again. I guess Smriti’s re-entry was big news so it was only natural, Ekta and the production guys kept it under wraps”.

Just before Ekta Kapoor and Smriti Irani held a press conference, Gautami claims to have got to know about her comeback. “I was informed about the press conference. It wasn’t as if I was shocked. I was always in the loop”, justifies the actress. Gautami feels media should not read too much into this as she says Kyunki is Ekta and Smriti’s baby. “Come on, they have been running the show for so long and so successfully, any decision that Ekta takes in the interest of the show can’t be questioned. We can’t take away their success from them,” says Ram Kapoor’s real wife.

So will she continue to be Tulsi? “Well, there is an interesting storyline coming up with both Smriti and me but obviously, I can’t be telling you all. I can say I will be part of Kyunki for another two months”, confides Gautami.

Finally, has she met Smriti? Did she ask for her feedback after she started playing Tulsi? “I met Smriti during the Global TV awards. We were cordial with each other, but don’t make us sound like we are bitter enemies or something. As for feedback, I never felt the need to do that. I can neither do those things for the media nor am interested in the politics of TV. I was given a challenge, I took it up because putting on Tulsi’s shoes and getting accepted by the viewers is a huge responsibility. I am doing a job and I know I am doing it to the best of my ability. Why would I need somebody’s feedback? In any case, why compare a 10-month stint with a seven-year innings?”, questions Gautami before signing off.

Report By: Suhaani Rai

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