Amit Paul makes a comeback on K for Kishore

Amit Paul Returns in K for Kishore.If you are wondering where Amit Paul vanished after coming on K for Kishore as an IBN 7 Challenger, you’re not the only one. But there is good news in store for all Amit fans as the adorable singer makes a comeback on the show. Rumours were that Amit was indisposed and far too unwell to come to the studio. But meanwhile he had other prior commitments which had to be kept, and Amit did not back down in keeping them.

But now as he returns to the show, we wonder what awaits him? Anyways his fans can watch out for his new song, the title track of Love Story 2050. This song has Amit Paul making his presence felt in the world of playback singing. Amit’s many female fans are already swooning!

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