Rucha Gujrati come back on the show

When contacted on her comeback, Rucha says, “I was doing a movie called Lottery so I did not have time for the show. Now that I have completed 75 percent of it and I have time on my hand I have decided to comeback on the show.”

“I was overwhelmed when the producers told me that they have been receiving fan-mails demanding my comeback. I had given my 100 percent to Bhabhi and it feels great to see that your viewers relate to you. It has more values than any award,” adds Rucha.

About her unwillingness to be a part of the generation leap that led to her exit from the show, Rucha now says, “Yes, I was not happy with the leap track so I exited the show. But now we are concentrating on a different track and not the leap. There will be a fresh romantic start where the whole family will comeback together.”

A source from UTV informs, “Old faces have been brought in keeping in mind the track that will be introduced. Also we have been receiving mails from our viewers to bring in Rucha, Bhanujeet and Chopra family. It is also an attempt to increase the ratings.”

“As it is Kanchi’s contract lasted till March. We had a wonderful time working with her and she has exited the show gracefully. Now the show will be concentrating on two Punjabi families- Chopras and Thukrals. There will be high intensity drama. The two families will be up in arms against each other,” adds the source.

Report By: Neha Maheshwri

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