Prem of Kasuatii Zindagi Kay original name Karnvir Bora.

“I always wanted to get back to my original name but did not find the right time. After Kasauti I was out of television as movies followed. Now when I got Sony’s Mr and Miss Television I thought it will be the right time to move to Karnvir from Manoj,” he adds.Prem of Kasuatii Zindagi Kay has reverted to his original name Karnvir Bora. Earlier called Manoj the actor tells us the reason for the reversal.

“Well there is no specific reason for changing my name. As per my kundali my name is Karnvir but during my school days my grandfather decided to name me Manoj,” says Karnvir.

So what’s next for you? “Currently on television I’m just doing this one show. I have one film with Aziz Mirza starring Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan called Kosmic Konnection. Besides that I’ve an offer from Shree Jagannath Films for a lead role. I can’t reveal anything as the shoot of this untitled film is not yet started,” he avers.

Are you calling it quits for television? “I consider myself as an actor. The medium does not matter to me. If I get good work in TV I don’t mind taking it up. Let’s see what television has to offer me,” he chirps.

You never know Manoj, Karnvir could prove luckier.

Report By: Rachana Trivedi

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