Memorable Birthday of Hiten Tejwani

Memorable Birthday… “I don’t have any memorable birthday as such but I remember I used to have a party during my birthdays right from childhood days. I used to invite friends both from my colony and school. I still remember the menu of my birthday – there used to be samosas, soft drinks, chocolate cakes etc.” Hiten Tejwani aka Karan, Kyunki turns 34 today. He will be shooting on his birthday too. We asked him about his memorable birthday and more…

Memorable Gifts…

“Whatever gifts I used to get were very precious so I can’t say which one was special. But my fan mails are full during my birthday. I feel blessed because of that. Gauri’s gift will be very special for me – she has given me watches, perfumes which I’m very fond of.”

Dream B’day…

“Obvious it should be with Gauri on the sea shore – Goa or Mauritius.”

Top 5 things that you want on you B’day….

“I’m blessed with everything as far as parents, wife, friends and career is concerned.”

Hitesh Tejwani, director of Kyunki and Hiten’s brother adds, “We will have a short dinner at our place after the shoot. There is a surprise gift in store too on behalf of me and Gauri.”

Report By:Dhanashri Kulkarni

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