Pari Hoon Main gets into celebrate Holi

Pari Hoon Main gets into the festive mood as they celebrate holi with a special episode to be aired on the 20th of March. The Telly Buzz team caught up with the main protagonist Rashami Desai who plays Nikki and Pari to know more about the celebrations and the story track.As the festive season of colors kicks off, the Pari Hoon Main team celebrates holi as a part of the show, but as the story line goes along, Nikki’s life gets endangered.

Speaking about the special holi episode Rashami says, “I usually don’t like to play holi because of colour. But if I do play it, I play with my family. The entire unit of Pari Hoon Main is like my extended family so it fun playing holi with them and shooting for the episode. We had a lot of fun dancing to the song Holi Khele Raghuveera and enjoyed a lot.”

When asked about the future track, Rashami elicits, “I can’t reveal much. Basically there is this light man who lost his job because of Pari and now wants to take revenge on her. So he leaves a live electric wire in one of the tubs filled with coloured water. Rajveer and Karan throw all of us into the water. What happens after that is for the viewers to watch and find out.”

So don’t miss the colour and excitement on this Pari Hoon Main episode, airing on 20th March at 9pm only on Star One.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair

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