the channel are playing blame games

Apparently, while the channel’s programming team wanted to incorporate some changes in the story, the producers were adamant about having it their own way. In fact, the producers wanted to take over the story, scripting and casting of new characters entirely, without consulting the creative team of the channel. Amber Dhara’s sagging TRPs may lead to the most clichd twist in the tale – the separation of the twins. Off-screen, the producers and the channel are playing blame games, which may lead to them parting ways soon as well .
Amber Dhara, the serial that was launched with fanfare on Sony TV, is caught in a nasty tug-of-war between the producers and the channel.

The blame game started when the serial did not garner the expected TRPs. According to our source, producers of Amber Dhara, Vikas Seth and Siddharth Kumar Tewary (Swastik Pictures) are at loggerheads with the channel, Sony TV. As a result, the channel has distanced itself from the show, and according to insiders if this situation persists, it won’t be long before the show is pulled off air.

Our source says, “Vikas and Siddharth, the producers have a high-handed attitude and they feel that they have better creative ideas. They turned a deaf ear to all the inputs given by Sony. That didn’t go down well with the channel and it resulted in the programming and marketing teams washing their hands off the serial.”

Apparently, the producers had an argument with Sony’s Creative director, Sanjay Upadhyay, and they refused to relent. Our source adds, “The producers are a stubborn duo with a ‘know-it-all’ attitude and have taken it upon themselves to change the story and introduce new characters and even select their own actors.”

When contacted, Siddharth said, “Yes, we have been given complete freedom but there’s nothing exceptional about that. Most TV producers today are allowed to do their own thing. What’s wrong with that? As for how long the show will go on, Sony has not mentioned anything. Let me tell you that we are ex-employees of Sony and when Amber Dhara was conceived, we were very much a part of the channel. So, how can the channel have problems with us? Sony knows what we are doing.”

We checked with Sanjay Upadhyay to verify the statement. He said, “I am flexible with all the producers. I think that Vikas and Siddharth know what they are doing. It’s not an issue.” When asked if the show is likely to be pulled off in April, Upadhyay quipped, “Not really.”

According to our sources the producers have resorted to the last trick to raise the sagging TRPs of the serial. They plan to separate the conjoined twins Amber and Dhara.

Our source shoots back, “Sony’s creative team knows that it is the producers’ decision and ultimately they will have to bear the brunt.” Let’s wait and watch if the separation of the conjoined twins helps to salvage the TRPs.

Report By:Vickey Lalwani

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