Vinod Singh as Vicky

Singh will play a woman in the serial. Vicky, in a young woman’s get-up, will get to spend some time with his girlfriend Devika played by Barkha Madan (Manjeet of Bhoot). Vicky aka Vinod Singh employs the oldest trick in the book to hook the girl he desires. Actor Vinod Singh (Ayushman fame) who plays Vicky in Ajai Sinha’s Ghar Ek Sapna.

Vinod Singh says, “In the serial I am in love with Devika but I don’t get to spend enough time with her. So, when she is going out on a picnic Vicky dresses up as a woman just to be with her.

My character has grey shades, he’s not serious about Devika but when he realises that she is ten years older and has suicidal tendency, he tries to take advantage of the situation by making her fall in love with him.”

Report By:Kunal M Shah

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