SAB TV’s Left Right Left, has now bagged a permanent role in the show.

Sanaya plays the role of Samira Shroff, whose father is a local minister. In her early stint with LRL, Samira was rescued from the goons by the previous batch of cadets. Drawing inspiration from their heroics, Samira enrolls herself into KMA. Besides, it’s her burning desire to do something for the country that makes her choose this field.

Model Sanaya Irani, who had earlier done an episodic for SAB TV’s Left Right Left, has now bagged a permanent role in the show. The drop-dead gorgeous model is among the seven new cadets at Left Right Left’s Kanchenjunga Military Academy (KMA).

Doesn’t the model turned actress risk spoiling her complexion by working in adverse conditions? Sanaya replies, “No, I find it thrilling. After all, what else would a youngster want? I’m still young and years ahead of doing saas-bahu roles where you’ll be burdened with excess make-up. I’m getting to play my age. Plus, there’s lot of adventure. If you are pretty then you’ll look good without make-up too.”

A pretty cadet isn’t a common sight. Is Sanaya setting a new trend? “No, I wouldn’t like to set any such trend. My character believed in joining KMA. I too was keen on doing it. Agreed that I may not look all that pretty wearing a uniform, rolling in the mud, but it’s worth the effort.”

Sanaya has been a regular face on TV ads but she also had the privilege in working along side Aamir Khan and Kajol in the super hit film Fanaa. (She played Kajol’s friend ‘Bebo’.) After making her debut in a big film, why did she resort to television?

The pretty actress quips, “That was just a small role. True, that Fanaa gave me the necessary exposure but never did I think that this could be my stepping stone to Bollywood. The opportunity to work alongside Aamir, Kajol (plus it was a Yashraj film) was too tempting and there was no way any newcomer would have refused it.”

Young Sanaya sure knows that opportunity knocks just once.

Report By :Mayur Lookhar


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