New cadets, Sudesh Berry march into LRL

The new cadets consist of Markhand Malla (Mohit Daga) the son of a dacoit who wants to prove himself to his father; Peter Sabnis (Saurav Chakrvarthy) a loner who is passionate about music; Rummy Gaur (Harshvardhan Rane) a directionless character with abundant energy; Purvi Bisht (Swati Taldar) a former model who wants to prove that there is more to models than good looks; Vidya Pradhan (Diya Chopra) a strong but sensitive soul and Akriti Bhatt (Shikha Sing Singh) a stunt woman who is out to prove that women are as good as men and finally Samira Shroff (Sanaya Irani) who plays the minister’s daughter who recently joins the KMA (Kanchenjunga Military Academy) as a cadet. Apart from the cadets, new faculty members also join KMA. Among them are Major Vaibhavi Sharma (Shraddha) and General Gaur (Sudesh Berry).

Actors come and go but the show marches on. After an about turn by the previous cast, producers Tony and Deeya Singh have enrolled seven new cadets along with seasoned actor Sudesh Berry in Left Right Left. Having retained Gaurav Chopra, Ankur Nayar and Punit Issar, Left Right Left can now boast of an impressive star cast.

Speaking on the new developments, Deeya, says, “New characters bring in new stories. This season we will cover complete faculty stories, which we couldn’t do earlier. Plus, there will be more riveting action as for the first time our cadets will learn commando training and guerilla warfare techniques. “

Having established actors like Gaurav, Sudesh and Ankur, is there a fear that new cadets will be lurking in their shadows. Deeya chides “No, on the contrary they’ll be a helping hand for these youngsters. Young or old, every character will be given equal importance.”

Equal importance or not, Tony and Deeya will certainly be hoping the new cadets don’t posess the ‘striking’ features of their predecessors or else they’ll be left to give the marching orders again.

Report By :Mayur Lookhar

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