Rohit Roy’s team had extremely talented dancers.

Two members of Rohit Roy’s Phirangi Phatake, in the reality show on 9X, Yeh Hai Jalwa have backed out of the show and packed off.Rohit Roy, one of the participants of Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X, considered himself the luckiest among all the other celebrities participating in the show, the reason being his team. Rohit’s team is called the Phirangi Phatake and comprises of international dancers. In fact Rohit was extremely proud of his team saying that his was the best looking team and had extremely talented dancers.

But there seems to be a rumour doing rounds regarding the same fabulous team. Sources reveal that Rohit’s Phirangi Phatakes have stalked away leaving him in the lurch. Speaking about the whole issue Rohit says, “Yes, it is true that I am left wondering, as two of my team members have gone back”. Talking more on the reason, Rohit says, “I guess one of the reasons for the girls opting out is that they feel India is not a safe place to live in for foreigners especially after the Scarlette Keeling murder case that happened recently in Goa. Their family members are very insecure and hence they left”.

Rohit is now going thro’ a fresh series of auditioning and he is sure to get the team back on toes in the coming few days. “It is really tough to get the team up again, I have zeroed in on few and I need to make the final selection now. I will have to teach them all over again, this is surely an uphill task, lets see how it goes”, quips the actor.

Hope the Phirangi Phatake do light up a sparkle in the coming rounds of Yeh Hai Jalwa!

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